Spread the word: the italian circus goes to the EU

I think I'll start using this mostly technical blog to help in spreading the word about the incredible political situation in italy. What I'm talking about? You can probably catch up on the latest from corrupted Italy by reading Beppe Grillo's blog..... it's good for a laugh too, if you dont feel like talking about politics.

Anyways - the most recent one is the supreme selection of candidates the italian parties are sending to Bruxelles for the EU parliament. Travaglio docet:

If you're not lucky enough to understand italian, there's a nice article by The Times about it, titled 'The beauty of democracy as Silvio Berlusconi picks model MEP candidates':

Silvio Berlusconi has an eye for pretty girls with a background in showbusiness and has brought some of them into parliament and even his Cabinet to brighten up politics.

Even by his standards, though, Mr Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, has chosen a striking roster of candidates to give his party a new face for the European Parliament elections in June, including a Big Brother star and a Miss Italy contestant.

None has any known political experience although Angela Sozio, 36, a flame-haired former contestant of Grande Fratello, the Italian version of Big Brother, made the headlines two years ago when the paparazzi photographed her and other showgirls strolling hand-in-hand with Mr Berlusconi, 72, at Villa Certosa, his villa in Sardinia.

The photographs, which appeared in the mass circulation magazine Oggi under the headline “Berlusconi’s Harem”, showed some of the women sitting on the Prime Minister’s knee. He insisted that he was being hospitable in showing the women round his seaside estate while his wife, the former actress Veronica Lario, was at her villa near Milan [.......continues....]

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