blog  Livecoding visual patterns with Hydra.

Apr 2021

Had quite a lot of fun livecoding visual patterns with Hydra


blog  Raphael: js library for Scalar Vector Graphics.

Sep 2010

I don't do much (web) front-end design usually, although often I find it vital to visualize my ideas using some sort of basic but functional UI-kit. Well, if you're like me, you'll probably be happy to know about Raphael. This is a javascript library that sits on top of the SVG specifications and provides a set of (very straighforward) APIs for creating vector graphics and animations in most browsers.

blog  Tale of tales: artistic interactive games from Belgium.

Mar 2010

Tale of Tales is a games development studio, founded by Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn in Belgium in 2002 (*).


blog  Pyglet: multimedia library for python.

Dec 2009

UPDATE 30/03/1: Just realized that unfortunately pyglet doesn't play well with the latest 64bit architecture of oSX. A real shame, as this obviously breaks Pyglet's famed run-anywhere feature. There are reasons to think that the next version will fix this problem (check out this thread for more info).. but for the moment, I guess that the only alternative is falling back to PyOpenGl. UPDATE 14/12/09: pyProcessing is a project building on pyglet that that creates an environment for graphics applications that closely resembles that of the Processing system. Quite neat uh?

blog  Graphics over code in Impromptu.

Nov 2009

Andrew Sorensen posted some code in the Impromptu mailing list showing how to add graphics (and various other things) on top of a code 'image'.

blog  Installing PyGraphviz [tested on OSx Leopard].

Oct 2009

PyGraphviz is a Python interface to the Graphviz graph layout and visualization package. With PyGraphviz you can create, edit, read, write, and draw graphs using Python to access the Graphviz graph data structure and layout algorithms.

blog  Opening UIF files on Mac.

Apr 2009

The UIF file extension stands for Universal Image Format. An UIF file contains a compressed disk image – basically it is an exact copy of a CD or a DVD. Just like the more common ISO filetype, the UIF format is typically used to create CD/DVD backups.