blog  HTML5 Canvas Cookbook.

Feb 2012

HTML5 Canvas Cookbook is a new publication from Packt publishing that discusses in details the new drawing functionalities the html5 canvas element makes available; in the last weeks I've been looking at this book in more details and since it's been a quite useful learning experience I wanted to mention it here too.


blog  First steps with Canvas and HTML5.

Aug 2011

I've been postponing experimenting with HTML5 for quite a while, so today I finally set aside a few hours to play with it. This is a very simple example of the graphic effects you can create using javascript and the HTML5 canvas element..

blog  Enabling web-audio in Chrome.

Jun 2011

I haven't realized that Chrome has a whole bunch of invisible experimental settings that you can turn on just by going to "about:flags".


blog  Processing.js, iProcessing: javascript does everything for you!.

Feb 2010

First off - check out how cool is the little game below. It's been implemented with processing.js, a port of the famous processing library that works in your browser only through javascript (the original processing is java-based).

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