blog  RDF programming with AllegroCL and AllegroGraph.

Apr 2011

Allegro Common Lisp (wikipedia) is a commercial implementation of the Common Lisp programming language developed by Franz Inc. Allegro CL provides the full ANSI Common Lisp standard - but more interestingly for me, it also provides a very comprehensive suite of tools for semantic web programming. So I decided to give it a go, in what follows I just put together some notes on how to get started quickly.


blog  MacPython/Leopard - PythonInfo Wiki.

Feb 2009

Some people have legitimate reasons for wanting to install IDLE on Leopard. E.g., even though Leopard's Xcode 3.0 (and later) supports Python development, it does so in a heavyweight, support-all-of-Cocoa fashion. And educators teaching Python who wish to do so in a platform-agnostic way may also be best served by IDLE.

blog  Pysmell - Python auto-complete - works with TextMate too!.

Feb 2009

One of the reasons that kept me away (sigh) from TextMate is the lack of autocompletion support.. especially in Python. Seems like those days have ended - I just downloaded and installed Pysmell, and it works great!!!

blog  Komodo-Edit :: a nice free python editor!.

Feb 2009

Finding the perfect IDE for a programming language is always an ongoing process - even more if your language is python - i've been happily using eclipse/pydev for a while now, but recently i run into KomodoEdit and I liked it. Mostly, cause it's lightweight and it's built with a 'snippet-oriented' philosophy (something like textmate).