Feb 2009


Komodo-Edit :: a nice free python editor!

Finding the perfect IDE for a programming language is always an ongoing process - even more if your language is python - i've been happily using eclipse/pydev for a while now, but recently i run into KomodoEdit and I liked it. Mostly, cause it's lightweight and it's built with a 'snippet-oriented' philosophy (something like textmate).

You'll find lots of interesting reviews of KomodoEdit, for example here and here, even if for learning purposes i believe it's always best to download it and try to break it yourself!!!


By the way - I found out that if you want the snippet auto-completion to work (a nice introductory video is here) you gotta make sure all the snippets you create stay in the same folder/hierarchy the IDE gives you by default. That is to say - in the figure below the 'django' snippet at the top-level won't be recognized when you press 'model1' + tab (or whatever you auto-completion key is set to). Instead, if you moved that snippet into the 'abbreviations/python' folder everything will work fine........... .. is this a bug or what? maybe i'll post it to the komodo forum...


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