blog  Knowledge Representation workshop @ CCH.

Jul 2010

Last month or so I started a Knowledge Representation workshop with my colleagues at CCH. The basic idea is to take a broad perspective on the various topics related to KR, and then focus on the digital humanities so to see how these approaches and technologies can be best applied to our domain.


blog  New Book on Knowledge Technologies.

Mar 2008

A new interesting book on Knowledge Technologies from Nick Milton is available online. It is meant to be read also by novices so it's deliberately not too technical or complex. I had a quick look at it this morning, and I think that it is interesting even for who's already familiar with all this stuff, cause it gives a nice overall perspective on the field. Never too fanatic about the 'semantic' promises, sober and realistic when describing the features and advantages of these technologies.

blog  Epistemic Logic.

Feb 2008

It's nice when a few people's interests happen to converge. You start tackling problems together, and learning as a group. This is what happened KMi recently with the Epistemic Logic interest group. We've decided to start a seminar, trying to make sense of the 'epistemic logic' area and possibly draw some useful tips from it.


blog  Article: 'The Semantic Web: The Origins of Artificial Intelligence Redux'.

Jun 2007

A very interesting article from Harry Halpin, whose work lies at the borderline between history of science (of computer science especially, I gather) and (Semantic) Web. I think it should be a must-read for all SW practitioners, so to understand where we (yes - I'm part of them..) stand in relation to the past...

blog  Ontology of Representations.

Mar 2007

It's been three days that I'm struggling with concepts of content, form, representation and so on.. I wonder whether there's a well-formalized theory of representations out there.. the one in DOLCE is a useful design pattern, but I'm still reluctant to say that it is complete (I hope I'll find out to be wrong). Another clever view of the issue can be found in a tutorial by Richiiro Mizoguchi, and this is what this post is about.