blog  Logic and Ontology.

Jun 2009

I found an interesting article on the SEP this morning, it seemed to me well written and clearly argumented. 'Logic and ontology', by Thomas Hofweber. Defining logic and ontology is not an easy thing - maybe because it is just a truism to say that there is one unifying view of what they they are. Something like physics... it is likely that no physicist would tell you that there is one thing  such as 'the physics', but a range of different approaches and theories which constitute physics as a whole.


blog  Epistemic Logic.

Feb 2008

It's nice when a few people's interests happen to converge. You start tackling problems together, and learning as a group. This is what happened KMi recently with the Epistemic Logic interest group. We've decided to start a seminar, trying to make sense of the 'epistemic logic' area and possibly draw some useful tips from it.