blog  'The Kryos Noise' is available on Spotify.

Jan 2021

The prog rock album I've worked on years ago with the band Kryos Project is now available also on Spotify (and Amazon too).


blog  SpotiSci: finding science concepts on Spotify.

Apr 2016

Ever wondered how many musical albums focus on topics like the moon landing, artificial intelligence or DNA replication? Probably not for everyone's taste, but if you give it a shot you'll be surprised at the results.


blog  Bjork redefines the musician's product with 'Biophilia' album/app.

Jun 2011

I found out here and there on the web that Islandic artist Bjork is once again pushing the boundaries of experimental music by relasing a new album, Biophilia, which will be composed by both music and interactive media, in the form of an iPad app:

blog  Sound Reasoning: an open educational resource.

Apr 2011

I ran into this resource by chance, it's a complete tutorial on musical analysis by Anthony Brandt and Robert McClure. It's being made available by Connexions, a "place to view and share educational material made of small knowledge chunks called modules that can be organized as courses, books, reports, etc.", where anyone may view or contribute:


blog  MusicBox: Mapping and visualizing music collections.

Jan 2009

MIT student Anita Lillies shows off her project Music Box:


blog  Jamendo: free and quality music online.

Sep 2007

Jamendo is a new model for artists to promote, publish, and be paid for their music. I've used this new service for a couple of hours only but I already like it a lot.

blog  Hand-controlled Wah.

Jan 2007

News for all the guitarists and music technology lovers: the Source Audio Hot Hand motion control for guitar effects. An innovative way to control the guitar sound in a theremin-like manner! Amazon lets you buy it for only 300$ now! Watch the video below to see it in action...