'The Kryos Noise' is available on Spotify

The prog rock album I've worked on years ago with the band Kryos Project is now available also on Spotify (and Amazon too).

Why? Well it just feels good to be able to open up Spotify and listen to your own music. This is stuff we've made almost 20 years ago (!) but it still feels kinda relevant. Fresh. Well.. you know what I mean.

Check out The Kryos' Noise on Spotify.

Cool. How do I get my band too on Spotify?

It was surprisingly easy actually, if you don't mind spending a little money (around 20 dollars per year).

I used Distrokid to handle the distribution to all major services. It's a bit fiddly to work with and the overall UX is rather barebones, but it does what is supposed to for a pretty damn honest price!

A handy walkthough guide can be found here.

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