Oct 2011


Django B_project available on gitHub

UPDATE 2021-10-21: the code and project resources mentioned in this post have been archived

I've put together and shared on GitHub a barebones project containg all the files needed to get started with a Django website. Essentially this is a clean file structure usable to get started with Django quickly.. The idea is that after downloading this, you just have to change a couple of names (see the README file for more details).. and there you go - you have a complete Django project that runs and can be customized.

The code is here: bitbucket.org/magicrebirth/django_bproject. Feel free to download or fork it as you like!

Currently the B_project is set up to work with Django 1.3 and it has a few 'batteries' included (= commonly used apps):

  • MPTT: Utilities for implementing a modified pre-order traversal tree in django
  • REGISTRATION: A user-registration application for Django.
  • DJANGO EXTENSIONS: global custom management extensions for the Django Framework.
  • PICKLEFIELD: an implementation of a pickled object field.

Django B_project structure

The other things included in the framework are:

  • a settings.py file that calls localized settings specifications depending on parameters (eg dev server or live one)
  • a bunch of generic python utilities
  • a few 'enhanced' model classes
  • all that is needed for working with trees in the admin (as discussed here: Django admin and MPTT)
  • a javascript autocomplete framework, integrated in the admin (as discussed here: Autocomplete in Django)
  • some basic templates and templatetags


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