Sep 2009


Weird '' urls appearing on my django site...

It all started when I added the get_absolute_url method on my model objects:

# includes a mysterious ????? @models.permalink def get_absolute_url(self): return ('person_detail', [str(])

When you do that, the admin site automatically picks it up and adds some nice 'view on site' buttons on all of your individual object pages...:

Picture 3

The problem is, the links are being attached to a mysterious '' domain. I left it aside the other day, cause of it was the last of a long series of weird bugs, but today the solution appeared to be quite simple (found it on stackoverflow too).

The solution:

Django has a nice 'sites' framework which comes by default with the contrib application. If you are like me, you probably have wondered at the beginning of your django-adventure what that was for, and then just forgot about it. Well, I realized today that actually the sites framework is really useful when you are running multiple sites and want, for example, to share stuff between them:

The Django-powered sites and are operated by the same news organization – the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper in Lawrence, Kansas. focuses on news, while focuses on local entertainment. But sometimes editors want to publish an article on both sites.

The brain-dead way of solving the problem would be to require site producers to publish the same story twice: once for and again for But that’s inefficient for site producers, and it’s redundant to store multiple copies of the same story in the database.

The better solution is simple: Both sites use the same article database, and an article is associated with one or more sites.

Another thing the sites-framework does - and this is what solves the problem - is setting the 'default site' for the django-admin button behaviour. And there you go, that's where that unexpected domain name was originating from....

This value (= '') is stored in the database, so it's enough to change it through the admin interface, and everything should go into its own place :-) For example, below I changed it into the localhost value/port I'm running django on...

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