blog  SciGraph 2017-2023.

Feb 2023

Springer Nature retired SciGraph earlier this month. I have been the data architect and then technical lead for this project, so this is post is just a reminder of the great things we did in it. Also, a little rant about the things that weren't that great...


blog  Ontospy 1.9.8 released.

Jan 2019

Ontospy version 1.9.8 has been just released and it contains tons of improvements and new features. Ontospy is a lightweight open-source Python library and command line tool for working with vocabularies encoded in the RDF family of languages.


blog  Leipzig Semantics 2016 conference.

Oct 2016

A few weeks ago I attended the Semantics conference in Leipzig, so here's a short report about the event.


blog  Installing Stardog triplestore on mac os.

Nov 2014

Stardog is an enterprise-level triplestore developed by clarkparsia.com. It combines tools to store and query RDF data with more advanced features for inference and data analytics - in particular via the built-in Pellet Java reasoner. All of this, combineded with a user experience which is arguably the best you can currently find in the market.

blog  Installing ClioPatria triplestore on mac os.

Oct 2014

ClioPatria is a "SWI-Prolog application that integrates SWI-Prolog's the SWI-Prolog libraries for RDF and HTTP services into a ready to use (semantic) web server". It is actively developed by the folks at the VU University of Amsterdam and is freely available online.

blog  Installing GraphDB (aka OWLIM) triplestore on mac os.

Oct 2014

GraphDB (formerly called OWLIM) is an RDF triplestore which is used - among others - by large organisations like the BBC or the British Museum. I've recently installed the LITE release of this graph database on my mac, so what follows is a simple write up of the steps that worked for me.

blog  An interactive Turtle shell.

Oct 2014

Wouldn't it be nice to have an interactive environment where you quickly hack together an RDF model and then show it to your clients or colleagues in a more accessible format - i.e. a diagram?


blog  Inspecting an ontology with RDFLib.

Jul 2011

RDFLib (homepage) is a pretty solid and comprehensive rdf-programming kit for Python. In a previous post I already discussed what pythonic options are currently available out there for doing semantic web programming; after some more in depth testing I realized that Rdflib is the most accessible and complete of them all (in fact many of the available libraries are based on Rdflib's APIs). So.. here we go: in this post I'm giving an overview of some of the things you can do with this library.

blog  A few useful Linked Data resources.

Mar 2011

Done a bit of semantic web work in the last couple of weeks, which gave me a chance to explore better the current web-scenario around this topic. I'm working on some example applications myself, but in the meanwhile I thought I'd share here a couple of quite useful links I ran into.

blog  Survey of Pythonic tools for RDF and Linked Data programming.

Feb 2011

The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a data model and language which is quickly gaining momentum in the open-data and data-integration worlds. In this post I'm reporting on a recent survey I made in the context of a Linked Data project I'm working on, SAILS. In SAILS we're developing a prototype for RDF-data manipulation and querying, but since the final application will be written in Python and Django, in what follows I tried to gather information about all the existing libraries and frameworks for doing RDF-programming using python.


blog  Installing RDFlib on osX.

May 2009

RDFlib is a Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information.


blog  Modeling Representations (take 2).

Mar 2007

I wrote something in the last weeks about the difficulties related to the modeling of representations and their contents. So today I just read this article by Stefano Mazzocchi, which basically hints at the same issue, but from an 'RDF perspective'. It's a very interesting article, so I just wanted to quote and comment a few passages