blog  Take control of your digital annotations with ResQuotes.com.

Jan 2015

Over the last weeks I had a chance to complete a personal project I've been working on for a while: www.resquotes.com. This is a personal information management site that allows one to collect and organise snippets of text ('highlights') made while reading digitally.


blog  The Future of the Book: reading and annotating online.

Mar 2012

In the last weeks I happened to run into a few online products that look at the future of the book, that is, at how reading (and the things we normally do when we read) will change, now that the digital world is so pervasive and accessible.


blog  Amazon's Kindle is slowly changing my life.

Oct 2010

I've been very reluctant to buy the Amazon Kindle at first, but since I got it I've realized more and more that that was the right decision, and I'll tell you why. The other worthy candidate of my hard sweated money was Apple's iPad - which at first sight looks much cooler and more versatile. But did I really need all of that cpu power? I already have two macs and an iPhone, so the fanaticism alarm bell kept me from rushing to the Apple-store this time. And here's why:

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