blog  Paperpile: a PDF manager with Google Drive backend.

Jan 2023

Paperpile is an online PDF manager that stores your personal data in your Google Drive folder.


blog  Notes from the Force11 annual conference.

Jan 2015

I attended the https://www.force11.org/ conference in Oxford the last couple of days (the conference was previously called 'Beyond the PDF').


blog  Working toward meritocracy in Italy.

Jan 2011

It's no news that thousands of italian researchers left their home-country in order to be able to carry on doing what they like; the news though is that now we're got also a scientific study shedding some light on the phenomena. It's been done by the Via Academy, an association dedicated to the creation of statistical analyses of the research outputs of italians (which are published on the TIS reports website).


blog  Social Reference Manager: Mendeley.

Aug 2009

A colleague mentioned the existence of Mendeley to me - a new and free reference manager. I've stuck with Papers for a while and was really really happy with it, but I have to admit that Mendeley seems to have quite a few cool features there.


blog  How semantic is the semantic web?.

Jan 2008

Just read this article thanks to a colleague: I share pretty much everything it says about the SW, so I though it wouldn't be too bad to pass it on to the next reader. Basically, it is about some very fundamental issues: what do we mean by semantics? Does a computer have semantics? If not, what's the point of the name 'Semantic Web'? I think that it's quite un-controversial the fact that the choice of the name 'semantic' web is controversial.


blog  Article: 'The Semantic Web: The Origins of Artificial Intelligence Redux'.

Jun 2007

A very interesting article from Harry Halpin, whose work lies at the borderline between history of science (of computer science especially, I gather) and (Semantic) Web. I think it should be a must-read for all SW practitioners, so to understand where we (yes - I'm part of them..) stand in relation to the past...