blog  Wittgenstein Tractatus and the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit.

Jul 2012

What do the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit and the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein have in common? Definitely not much, at first sight. But the moment you realise that Wittgenstein was so fascinated with logic that he wanted to organise his masterwork in the form of a tree structure, well, you may change your mind.

blog  Crowdsourcing interpretation with Prism, a new software from the Scholar's Lab.

Jun 2012

Prism is a new online tool by the Scholars' Lab at the university of Virginia. In a nutshell, Prism lets users independently highlight and annotate passages from a text, for then mashing up all of these highlights into a new version of the text where the 'importance' of certain passages is rendered graphically via colours and font sizes.