blog  Enabling web-audio in Chrome.

Jun 2011

I haven't realized that Chrome has a whole bunch of invisible experimental settings that you can turn on just by going to "about:flags".


blog  Python web-parsing libraries.

Jul 2009

While continuing the interminable search for the ideal python editor, I run into three really useful libraries for scraping information off webpages:

blog  A Sneak Preview of Wolfram Alpha.

May 2009

It's the new brainchild of Stephen Wolfram, author of Mathematica. It does look impressive in my opinion - can't wait to try it live (due to launch some time in may)!


blog  AJAX in Lisp with JQuery.

Feb 2008

I was asked to give an example of lisp+ajax, so once I prepared it I thought it could be of help to other people too :-)