blog  Notes from the Force11 annual conference.

Jan 2015

I attended the https://www.force11.org/ conference in Oxford the last couple of days (the conference was previously called 'Beyond the PDF').


blog  Annotating the web with Scrible.

Dec 2013

Scrible is an online tool that allows one to add layers of annotations to webpages, save them in the cloud and share them with others.


blog  Crowdsourcing interpretation with Prism, a new software from the Scholar's Lab.

Jun 2012

Prism is a new online tool by the Scholars' Lab at the university of Virginia. In a nutshell, Prism lets users independently highlight and annotate passages from a text, for then mashing up all of these highlights into a new version of the text where the 'importance' of certain passages is rendered graphically via colours and font sizes.

blog  The Future of the Book: reading and annotating online.

Mar 2012

In the last weeks I happened to run into a few online products that look at the future of the book, that is, at how reading (and the things we normally do when we read) will change, now that the digital world is so pervasive and accessible.


blog  Layer the web with Blerp!.

May 2009

I really dig the concept - but after playing with it for a little I think that the whole thing is still too convoluted (lots of forms to fill in, popups etc.). Ideally, I'd just like to go to a website and start off the discussion, using their terminology, annotate it. Anyways, definitely worth having a go with Blerp, it's something that may develop further in the near future.