blog  A semi-automated conference assistant.

Jun 2022

A couple of weeks ago I went to the excellent Move Or Perish—Scientific Trajectories, Inclusion, And Inequality, And Their Consequences For Transformative Science workshop in Vienna. While getting ready for it, I found myself asking some familiar questions. Who are the speakers? What is their background? How to best contextualise the topics being discussed?


blog  Leipzig Semantics 2016 conference.

Oct 2016

A few weeks ago I attended the Semantics conference in Leipzig, so here's a short report about the event.

blog  Open Data Summit 2016.

Oct 2016

On November 1st we were invited to present the Scigraph project at the London ODI Summit, the annual event organized by the Open Data Institute to review and discuss the social and economic impact of open data in both the public and commercial sectors.


blog  Notes from the Force11 annual conference.

Jan 2015

I attended the https://www.force11.org/ conference in Oxford the last couple of days (the conference was previously called 'Beyond the PDF').


blog  ISWC14 paper: a hybrid semantic publishing architecture combining XML and RDF.

Nov 2014

I'm posting here a short summary of the paper I've given at the last International Semantic Web conference in Riva del Garda (ISWC14) together with my colleague Tony Hammond.


blog  ESWC 2013 - report from the conference.

Jun 2013

Last week I attended the European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC'13) in Montpellier and had a really good time meeting old friends and catching up with the latest research in this area. In this post I'll collect a few pointers to papers and ideas that caught my attention.


blog  Open Knowledge Festival – Helsinki, 18-22 September 2012.

Sep 2012

I'm at the OKFestival this week. Tons of inspiring talks. I'm writing this post incrementally cause I've got lots of notes floating around.. so sorry for the mess!

blog  Conference: Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archeology.

Mar 2012

Yesterday I went to the CAA 2012 conference in Southampton, one of the top conferences in the world in the field of computational archaeology. I couldn't stay for longer than a day, but I've seen enough to say that archaeologist definitely know their way around when it comes to combining IT with their discipline.


blog  Event: THATcamp Kansas and Digital Humanities Forum.

Sep 2011

The THATcamp Kansas and Digital Humanities Forum happened last week at the Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities, which is part of the University of Kansas in beautiful Lawrence. I had the opportunity to be there and give a talk about some recent stuff I've been working on regarding digital prosopography and computer ontologies, so in this blog post I'm summing up a bit the things that caught my attention while at the conference.

blog  Event: Digital Humanities conference 2011.

Jun 2011

Last week I went to Stanford for the Digital Humanities 2011 international conference. This is arguably the most important event for researchers and academics who employ digital methods to tackle questions and problems normally associated to 'humanities' disciplines. In this blog post I will start by summarising the things I was invited to talk about; then in the near future I'll try to integrate this article with other reflections and pointers to interesting materials I ran into at the conference.

blog  Python links (and more) 7/2/11.

Feb 2011

This post contains just a collection of various interesting things I ran into in the last couple of weeks... they're organized into three categories: pythonic links, events and conferences, and new online tools. Hope you'll find something of interest!


blog  DjangoCon Europe 2010.

Jun 2010

DjangoCon returned for its second year in Europe; the first as a wholly community-supported conference. The conference website contains a lot of info and interesting links (even an iPhone app), but in my opinion the coolest thing is the freely available videos of the conference!


blog  30th International Wittgenstein Symposium.

Jun 2007

I am going to talk at the 30th International Wittgenstein Symposium, 5-11 August 2007, Kirchberg, Austria.