blog  More Jupyter notebooks: pyvis and networkx.

Aug 2020

Lately I've been spending more time creating Jupyter notebooks that demonstrate how to use the Dimensions API for research analytics. In this post I'll talk a little bit about two cool Python libraries I've recenlty discovered for working with graph data: pyvis and networkx.


blog  Exploring SciGraph data using JSON-LD, Elastic Search and Kibana.

Apr 2017

Hello there data lovers! In this post you can find some information on how to download and make some sense of the scholarly dataset recently made available by the Springer Nature SciGraph project, by using the freely available Elasticsearch suite of software.


blog  Installing ClioPatria triplestore on mac os.

Oct 2014

ClioPatria is a "SWI-Prolog application that integrates SWI-Prolog's the SWI-Prolog libraries for RDF and HTTP services into a ready to use (semantic) web server". It is actively developed by the folks at the VU University of Amsterdam and is freely available online.

blog  Installing GraphDB (aka OWLIM) triplestore on mac os.

Oct 2014

GraphDB (formerly called OWLIM) is an RDF triplestore which is used - among others - by large organisations like the BBC or the British Museum. I've recently installed the LITE release of this graph database on my mac, so what follows is a simple write up of the steps that worked for me.


blog  An introduction to Neo4j.

Apr 2013

Neo4j is a recent graph-database that is rapidly accumulating success stories, especially in areas such as "social applications, recommendation engines, fraud detection, resource authorization, network & data center management and much more". Here's an interesting introductory lecture about by Ian Robinson at JavaZone 2013.