blog  Bringing quotations back to life.

Jul 2022

There's a new section on this site that allows to navigate quotations. It's just a cut-down implementation of an old idea I worked on a while ago, but you know.. sometimes it is useful to start from scratch and re-think things from the ground up.


blog  SN SciGraph: more related objects links increase discoverability of content.

Aug 2018

The latest release of SN SciGraph Explorer includes a number of new features that make it easier to navigate the scholarly knowledge graph and discover items of interest.


blog  Navigating through the people of medieval Scotland... one step at a time.

Sep 2012

Navigating through the people of medieval Scotland... one step at a time! This is, in a nutshell, what users can do via the Dynamic Connections Cloud application, a prototype tool I've been working on recently, in the context of the People of Medieval Scotland project (PoMS), which was launched last week at the University of Glasgow.


blog  Pathway: Wiki Semantic Navigator.

Nov 2006

Just found a very cool app that lets you organize and store the navigation on any mediawiki site, Pathway. It basically represents visually the link's structure of a wiki-page, all the departing nodes centered around the page of interest. The whole navigation can thus be stored in the form of a a net with nodes and links! Developed in Cocoa, works easily and fast on any mac (intel based as well) running Tiger! I quote the author's reasons behind the development:

blog  A Random Walk through the 20th Century.

Jul 2006

I wanted to post something about this for a long time, but never got down to it. A random walk through the 20th century is an older narrative/hypermedia system (it dates back to 1996) realized by a bunch of people in MIT around the influence/direction of Glorianna Davenport.

blog  Review: Automatist storyteller systems and the shifting sands of story, by G. Davenport and M. Murtaugh.

Jun 2006

A few notes after reading a seminal paper (1997) by MIT research Glorianna Davenport on 'storyteller systems'. These systems can be seen as the precursors of current systems that support semantic exploration through stories (the only difference is the technology being used). This is a very good article in terms of language, internal references (art, history) and precision - the ideas are presented clearly and succinctly, without indulging too much in the (often boring) details of the technical implementations...