blog  'The Kryos Noise' is available on Spotify.

Jan 2021

The prog rock album I've worked on years ago with the band Kryos Project is now available also on Spotify (and Amazon too).


blog  Tribute to Alice in Chains (sort of).

Feb 2015

Don't how much this qualifies as a tribute video.. but hey - who's to judge anyways.


blog  Jeff Beck live at the Royal Albert Hall.

Oct 2010

Quite an amazing evening with Beck rocking the RAH out the other night; the man is well over 60 (born 24 June 1944) but still performs with great confidence and inventiveness. I loved every minute of it!

blog  Rock intermezzo.

Feb 2010

Some songs, I'll never forget. They are still giving me the shivers as they did when I was a kid.