blog  Working toward meritocracy in Italy.

Jan 2011

It's no news that thousands of italian researchers left their home-country in order to be able to carry on doing what they like; the news though is that now we're got also a scientific study shedding some light on the phenomena. It's been done by the Via Academy, an association dedicated to the creation of statistical analyses of the research outputs of italians (which are published on the TIS reports website).


blog  Project: django SOCLONE.

Sep 2009

Just wanted to flag up SO-Clone, an interesting project on googleCode that wants to replicate the fundamental functionalities of Stack Overflow.

blog  Layer the web with Blerp!.

May 2009

I really dig the concept - but after playing with it for a little I think that the whole thing is still too convoluted (lots of forms to fill in, popups etc.). Ideally, I'd just like to go to a website and start off the discussion, using their terminology, annotate it. Anyways, definitely worth having a go with Blerp, it's something that may develop further in the near future.