blog  Tribute to Alice in Chains (sort of).

Feb 2015

Don't how much this qualifies as a tribute video.. but hey - who's to judge anyways.


blog  Getting lost in the world of Laputa.

Sep 2011

I am certainly not an anime expert - but after being in Japan for a couple of months last year I started developing an appreciation for this form of art. In particular, I fell in love with the work of Studio Ghibli, the Tokyo-based animation film studio which includes award director Hayao Miyazaki.

blog  The Digital Story of Nativity and other inspiring stuff.

Jan 2011

The Digital Story of Nativity. This is quite amazing, make sure you go full screen!


blog  A video that may convince you that LISPers are a bit crazy.

Oct 2010

LISPers are a definitely a rather eccentric developers' community.

blog  DjangoCon Europe 2010.

Jun 2010

DjangoCon returned for its second year in Europe; the first as a wholly community-supported conference. The conference website contains a lot of info and interesting links (even an iPhone app), but in my opinion the coolest thing is the freely available videos of the conference!

blog  Back to iMovie HD ....

Jun 2010

Have you ever edited a movie using the new iMovie 7 or 8? Well I tried a couple of times, and it's a dreadful experience.


blog  Understanding Google's BigTable.

Jun 2009

BigTable is google's proprietary data storage system - and that's what you've got to learn if you want to work with the Google Application Engine (a web application environment by which you can make use of Google's powerful IT infrastructure free of charge).