Jan 2013


2012: a look back (for this blog)

With the end of the year comes the time of reviewing the progress made… and with this blog I can't really complain! Thanks so much to all of you invisible internauts for stopping by and taking part in the conversation. It's been a real pleasure contributing to this fantastic web of knowledge.

In 2013 I'll probably write less Django-related stuff and instead focus more on the web of data (web 3.0, semantic web, whatever you want to call it) - let's see if the interest remains stable..

Here are the WP stats for the last years: constantly going up, and in 2012 I almost hit the 30,000 cap :-)

Blog stats 2012

And if you're curious to know what's going strong, well it's Django. Here's a breakdown of the most clicked contents:

Blog stats 2012 - content breakdown

Thank you all!

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