May 2015


Impromptu language documentation back online!

For all Impromptu aficionados: a little online application that can be used to search&browse the language documentation:

Why the docs

Impromptu is a scheme-based OSX programming language and environment for composers, sound artists, VJ’s and graphic artists with an interest in live or interactive programming.

As part of its original website, Impromptu included a wiki containing documentation and examples. Unfortunately the wiki isn't available online anymore, which is a real shame so the other day I've decided to replace it with a simple searchable index of the programming language functions. This is based on the documentation file coming with the latest Impromptu release (2.5); so, in theory, it shouldn't be too different from the original wiki site.

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For those of you who are new to all of this, it's worth mentioning that Impromptu is now being superseded by the Extempore programming language.

Extempore is much more solid and feature rich; also, it is less dependent on the OS X platform APIs. Still, many of the original Impromptu scheme functions are still available, so this documentation could turn out to be useful too.


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