blog  'The Musical Code' on GitHub.

Nov 2020

I've started a new livecoding project on Github called The Musical Code. Plan is to add experimental musical code/algorithms created via the amazing Extempore programming language (as well as it precursor Impromptu).


blog  Impromptu language documentation back online!.

May 2015

For all Impromptu aficionados: a little online application that can be used to search&browse the language documentation: http://hacks.michelepasin.org/impromptu/


blog  Building a master volumes UI with impromptu.

Sep 2013

Based on one of the examples packaged with Impromptu, I wrote a simple function that uses the objc bridge to create a bare-bones user interface for adjusting your audio instruments master volumes.

blog  A metronome object for Impromptu.

Feb 2013

Metronome: a device used by musicians that marks time at a selected rate by giving a regular tick. If you ever felt that you missed a metronome in Impromptu, here is a little scheme object that can do that job for you.


blog  The new Livecoding Error Hook in Impromptu.

May 2011

Impromptu 2.5 has been out for a while now but I've never realised it contained this new handy feature: an 'error hook':

blog  An alternative to the 'play' macro: 'iplay' and 'with-instrument'.

Mar 2011

The other day I was thinking: when I use the play macro in Impromptu (video tutorial), in my head it's already obvious what's the virtual instrument I want to play. So why do I have to specify that all the time? Wouldn't it be more natural just being able to say, for example, get this instrument and now play this and that note with it...

blog  What is the reaper time in Impromptu?.

Feb 2011

I got this info while reading Kontakt 4 documentation, and I thought it was useful to pass it on. It helps understanding the significance of the 'reaper time' setting in Impromptu, which I often playing around with without really getting it... (check Reaper stuff on IM mailing list).

blog  Opening a Finder's window from Impromptu (alas how to use the applescript bridge..).

Jan 2011

Imagine you've got a bunch of audio samples you want to load up while livecoding with Impromptu but you can't remember exactly their names - it'd be handy to be able to open up the corresponding Finder window directly from scheme, without too much clicking around. Do-able or not?


blog  Impromptu 2.5 released.

Oct 2010

Good news for livecoders: a new version of Impromptu is available (direct link to the 2.5 dmg package).

blog  Algorithms are Thoughts, Chainsaws are Tools.

Mar 2010

A short movie about livecoding, Andrew Sorensen (creator of Impromptu), TOPLAP and other related stuff. If you're not familiar with this stuff, I'd say it's the most pleasant introduction to it available at the moment!

blog  Impromptu: access the Wiki docs from the editor.

Feb 2010

When you're Impromptu-ing but don't know the meaning or syntax of a function, the usual thing to do is calling (help function-name) to get some help about that function, or (help function-name #t) if you want to see also the examples associated with it. The help text gets displayed in the log view, so that you can then copy/paste what you need from there. Quite useful, but nonetheless I always find myself fighting with the log window: too small, hidden away by other canvases, or not readable anymore cause after calling the help function I've evaluated other stuff that has moved up the much needed help-text.

blog  Video recordings of the livecoding session @ Anatomy Theatre, King's College, London.

Feb 2010

Finally I managed to shrink down to a reasonable size and upload the video recording from our last livecoding event at Kings College.

blog  Xanadu.

Jan 2010

I made a new track with Impromptu, called Xanadu. Took me a little bit to build up the song base, then then I think it gets more interesting...


blog  New song with Impromptu: KALI.

Nov 2009

Hey ya - new livecoding stuff from me on Vimeo. It's a song I've been working on recently, called Kali.

blog  Graphics over code in Impromptu.

Nov 2009

Andrew Sorensen posted some code in the Impromptu mailing list showing how to add graphics (and various other things) on top of a code 'image'.

blog  Impromptu: If-mod macro.

Oct 2009

Hey there - this morning I checked out a nice screencast by Ben Swift and was struck by the if-mod construct he's using. It's a really useful shortcut that saves you from writing a few (possibly distracting) parenthesis, so I tried to recreate it myself.

blog  LilyPond: music notation for everyone.

Oct 2009

LilyPond is a free piece of software for generating nice musical sheets from specifications written on a text file.

blog  Impromptu & Zebra: a perfect match!.

Oct 2009

I've been having so much fun using Impromptu with the Zebra audiounit lately (I just got the demo version for now). Nice sounds, very stable, clear but captivating interface, easy to control programmatically via Impromptu. Think I'm gonna buy it!

blog  New Impromptu screencast and a few lessons learned.

Oct 2009

Initially this song was called 'Voices Slowly Talk To Me' - then.. as usual.. I lost control of its direction! So I don't know anymore how much the title would apply. Anyways, it's my second experiment with recording an Impromptu performance (by the way I also played it live the other night at the Shunt in London, with various mistakes and delays, but somehow I got to the end - thanks to the toplap crew for their support!).

blog  Algorithmic music: first steps.

Jun 2009

I finally managed to find time to play more seriously with the fantastic impromptu - here's a first screencast, it doesn't sound that good but it made my day! (and maybe it'll help others better understand how impromptu works..)