blog  Messing around wih D3.js and hierarchical data.

Jun 2013

These days there are a lot of browser-oriented visualization toolkits, such d3.js or jit.js. They're great and easy to use, but how much do they scale when used with medium-large or very large datasets?


blog  Raphael: js library for Scalar Vector Graphics.

Sep 2010

I don't do much (web) front-end design usually, although often I find it vital to visualize my ideas using some sort of basic but functional UI-kit. Well, if you're like me, you'll probably be happy to know about Raphael. This is a javascript library that sits on top of the SVG specifications and provides a set of (very straighforward) APIs for creating vector graphics and animations in most browsers.

blog  Processing.js, iProcessing: javascript does everything for you!.

Feb 2010

First off - check out how cool is the little game below. It's been implemented with processing.js, a port of the famous processing library that works in your browser only through javascript (the original processing is java-based).

blog  A bookmarklet for searching delicious.

Jan 2010

This has been long overdue for me. A way to quickly search delicious.com without relying on third-party apps (which often you have to pay for). And it's got to be super simple too: something like a bookmarklet that you click on and then takes you there. Just one of those things you never have the time to do....


blog  Document.designMode trick...

Aug 2009

Here's a neat trick I got from my friend Geoffroy: open up your preferred Javascript console and type in this command:

blog  SoundManager 2 makes it easier to play sounds using Javascript.

May 2009

By wrapping and extending Flash 8's sound API, SoundManager 2 brings solid audio functionality to Javascript.


blog  Jquery library gets me going.

Feb 2007

Following suggestions which turned out to be really good, I've found myself having a lot of fun with the JQuery library. It's immensely easy to use, and beautiful to see its results. Plenty of tutorials around, and people developing widgets. Have a look at the interface elements, for example. Or at the cool fisheye menu..or the handy TreeView.