blog  Exploring Bento noise box.

May 2022

Improvised acid loops using Extempore + Bentō.


blog  Recipe: Making a livecoding screencast with QuickTime and RecordIt.

Aug 2021

This post shows how to make a livecoding screencast using free OSX technologies.

blog  Livecoding visual patterns with Hydra.

Apr 2021

Had quite a lot of fun livecoding visual patterns with Hydra


blog  New livecoding screencast: Ziggurat 51.

Nov 2013

So hard to find time to do something creative these days. So I thought I'd post a screencast of a livecoded piece I'm still working on: Ziggurat 51. Hope you'll find it interesting!

blog  A metronome object for Impromptu.

Feb 2013

Metronome: a device used by musicians that marks time at a selected rate by giving a regular tick. If you ever felt that you missed a metronome in Impromptu, here is a little scheme object that can do that job for you.


blog  Special issue of CMJ DVD on livecoding.

Jan 2012

The latest issue of the Computer Music Journal is now available, and it includes a DVD full of livecoding bonanza.


blog  Article: Thought and Performance, Live Coding Music, Explained to Anyone.

Dec 2011

I bookmarked this article on createdigitalmusic.com a while ago (it's from Jul 2010) and ran into it again today.. "Thought and Performance, Live Coding Music, Explained to Anyone – Really" by Peter Kirn contains several simple but thought provoking ideas about livecoding and its relevance in the (traditional) music world.

blog  Workshop on Live Coding @ RMLL-11.

Jul 2011

I just got back from Strasbourg (France) where I gave a talk about my experience with Livecoding and Impromptu at the at the Cultures et Arts Libres Workshop, part of the 2011 Libre Software Meeting. In a nutshell, livecoding is the process of writing software in realtime, as a form of improvised time-based art. Many thanks for the organizers for inviting me, it's been a quite rewarding experience. Here I'm posting the slides from the talk in case people want to follow up on the things I mentioned.

blog  Livecoding is like gardening.

Jun 2011

Just ran into this interesting article by Brian Eno. It struck me as quite a fair representation of what livecoders do most of the time, when they create (maybe I should say 'sculpt') musical structures that evolve in time, as part of their performance:

blog  'Show us your screens': new Livecoding documentary.

Feb 2011

A nice documentary about livecoding practise by Louis McCallum and Davy Smith. Some shorts excepts from my performance at the Anatomy Museum are included too (00:32 and 08:45).

blog  Live coding in clojure.

Jan 2011

Live-processing is a Processing clone with livecode capabilities. It's written in Clojure, a recent java-based dynamic programming language which I reviewed elsewhere and it keeps getting back at me...


blog  New song: Turborobot.

Dec 2010

It's a bit of an electro/eighties-sounding/disco tune..

blog  Livecoding Xmas event at Goldsmith College.

Dec 2010

Thursday Club Xmas party [ event-site | facebook | flier | map ]

blog  Video recordings of the livecoding session @ Anatomy Theatre, King's College, London.

Feb 2010

Finally I managed to shrink down to a reasonable size and upload the video recording from our last livecoding event at Kings College.


blog  New song with Impromptu: KALI.

Nov 2009

Hey ya - new livecoding stuff from me on Vimeo. It's a song I've been working on recently, called Kali.

blog  New Impromptu screencast and a few lessons learned.

Oct 2009

Initially this song was called 'Voices Slowly Talk To Me' - then.. as usual.. I lost control of its direction! So I don't know anymore how much the title would apply. Anyways, it's my second experiment with recording an Impromptu performance (by the way I also played it live the other night at the Shunt in London, with various mistakes and delays, but somehow I got to the end - thanks to the toplap crew for their support!).