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MultiURL allows you to combine multiple links into one short link that you can quickly and easily share with your friends, colleagues, on your blog or any other website. It makes the process of sharing multiple links at once so much easier, quicker and safer.

I found MultiURL a very useful service. Delicious does something similar, but it's much broader in its scope... sometimes you need to share just a few links with collaborators, and have something like a 'dedicated' platform available for this.

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One neat feature is that from a links-list you automatically get various pages you can send your friends to. For example, a 'multilink homepage' containing a summary of your links:

Picture 2

Or a nice webpage with a header that lets you jump to any of the links without opening new pages:

Picture 3

Maybe a feature that i missing is the ability for users/collaborators to comment on the links you've shared.. it'd become a full-fledged links-centered discussion board! (or maybe you can if you sign up? I haven't yet - and in fact that's the other cool thing about it - no need to sign up in order to share links!).

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