Another experiment with Wittgenstein's Tractatus

Spent some time hacking over the weekend. And here's the result: a minimalist interactive version of Wittgenstein's Tractatus.

Screen Shot 2015 09 21 at 19 52 31

The Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus is a text I've worked with already in the past.

This time I was intrigued by the simple yet super cool typed.js javascript library, which simulates animated typing.

Screen Shot 2015 09 21 at 19 54 12

After testing it out a bit I realised that this approach allows to focus on the text with more attention that having it all displayed at once.

Since the words appear one at a time, it feels more like a verbal dialogue than reading. As a consequence, also the way the meaning of the text gets perceived changes.

Slower, deeper. Almost like meditating. Try it out here.


Update January 6, 2022

The source code is available on GitHub:

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