Dimensions Landscape & Discovery is a research analytics application that permits to generate advanced landscape analysis reports for any scientific domain.

The application consists of several modules focusing on key aspects of the scientific research landscape e.g. collaboration, innovation, key players etc..

Use cases

  • See which organizations have had the most success in collaborating across the academic-corporate divide
  • Determine which lines of investigation have attracted the most grant funding in emerging areas
  • Find publication information including volume, growth rate, and keyword co-occurrence and prevalence
  • Discover funding information; what is being funded, by whom and where
  • Assess the degree to which basic research has been translated into new technologies or therapies through patent and clinical-trial linkages
  • Find out which funders are most likely to make a bet on high-risk/high-reward research in a given research area
  • Spot what patents exist across the globe, and who is funding and publishing this work

Technology stack

  • Looker for data modeling and dashboards development
  • Google BigQuery and Google Cloud for data processing
  • Python and React for web integration

Role:   Team leader, Application architecture
Date:   Apr 2023
Link:   https://www.dimensions.ai/products/all-products/landscape-discovery/


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