NOTE: this application is now offline (2019/06) (formerly is a personal information management site that allows one to collect and organise snippets of text (‘highlights’) made while reading digitally.

These days anyone who’s reading and studying as part of their daily routine is probably doing it via some digital device too. May that be an e-reader like the Kindle, or just the default pdf viewing software that comes with a mac or pc.

Digital reading saves lots of time, in many cases, but also makes it very cumbersome to annotate texts and especially keep track of these annotations. grows out of this experience: it makes it easier to save and organise the important snippets you run into while reading on the Kindle or online.

Role:   Design and development
Date:   Jan 2014 - Jan 2015
Link:   source code
Link:   [blog post] Take control of your digital annotations


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