An academic research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and combining the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and King's College London.

POMS has investigated how a recognisably modern Scottish identity was formed during the period 1093-1286. Drawing on over 6000 contemporary charters, we constructed a unique database which will provide biographical information about all known people in Scotland between 1093 and 1286.

A companion website and faceted search interface allows to search and browse the data in multiple ways.

The Feudalism Ontology
Feudalism is an ontology that models concepts and relations useful for describing the world of the Middle Ages. Current state of the ontology: available only the main taxonomy, no properties.

Role:   Project management; database design; web application design and development.
Date:   Sep 2007 - Oct 2012
Link:   [ontology src]
Link:   [ontology docs] feudalism/index.html


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