Dimensions Perspective & Insights is a business intelligence application that allows to profile any academic organization.

The application consists of various interactive reports that deal with key topics like research strategy development, impact assessment and collaboration analysis.

Use cases

  • Measuring the impact of key players
  • Most influential (i.e. cited) researchers
  • Top funders by grant revenue
  • Most diversified grant-portfolio by funder
  • Most productive/influential collaborations (intra-organization, national, or international)
  • Most productive/influential academic-corporate collaborations
  • Benchmark your or any organization against others – to identify trends, patterns and opportunities.


  • Looker for data modeling and dashboards development
  • Google BigQuery and Google Cloud for data processing
  • Python and React for web integration

Role:   Team leader, Application architecture
Date:   Apr 2023
Link:   https://www.dimensions.ai/products/all-products/perspectives-and-insights/


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