Dimensions Perspective & Insights is an application that allows insights for your or any research organization globally to support research strategy development, impact assessment and collaboration analysis.

Use cases

  • Measuring the impact of key players
  • Most influential (i.e. cited) researchers
  • Top funders by grant revenue
  • Most diversified grant-portfolio by funder
  • Most productive/influential collaborations (intra-organization, national, or international)
  • Most productive/influential academic-corporate collaborations
  • Benchmark your or any organization against others – to identify trends, patterns and opportunities.


  • Looker for data modeling and dashboards development
  • Google BigQuery and Google Cloud for data processing
  • Python and React for web integration

Role:   Technical manager
Date:   Apr 2023
Link:   https://www.dimensions.ai/products/all-products/perspectives-and-insights/


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